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Gaetano Parisio, a prominent figure in techno and co-creator of the Neapolitan Techno School, has been a consistent force in the genre since the 90s, with his records standing as staples in DJ record boxes.


Hailing from Napoli, Italy, he initially gained recognition as Gaetek, producing classics for labels like Planet Rhythm and Primate Recordings that quickly garnered support from influential figures such as Dave Clarke, Sven Vath, and Jeff Mills. Parisio further solidified his impact by launching his label, CONFORM, alongside Marco Carola, becoming torchbearers for the Napolitano techno scene. Their dynamic four-turntable/two-mixer set-up became a sensation at top clubs and festivals globally. In addition to their studio collaborations, Parisio united the techno community on the charity compilation "Techcommunity 4 Kosovo," addressing the needs of children affected by the conflict in Kosovo, showcasing his commitment to both music and humanitarian causes.

(Spain + LATAM)

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