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Marco Bailey is a self-taught DJ and producer regarded as an icon and living legend in the techno scene. His journey began in the late '80s in Belgium, where he transitioned from the dancefloor to behind the decks after being captivated by the rhythmic power of dance music. Over three decades, he has become a techno trailblazer, producing tracks, managing his label MB Elektronics, and touring globally, leaving his mark on cities worldwide, from Nairobi to Tokyo, Beijing, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Buenos Aires. Known for his forward-thinking approach, Bailey has released acclaimed singles, EPs, and albums on labels like Primate, Drumcode, Bedrock, and Intec, consistently breaking the mold of contemporary trends. As the innovator behind MATERIA, an event dedicated to pure techno, he has expanded it into a label and bi-weekly radio show, featuring renowned selectors and new talents. With upcoming projects, including growth for MATERIA, a comeback for MB Elektronics with an EP from Aphrohead, and new personal tracks, Marco Bailey reaffirms his unwavering dedication to music.

(Spain + LATAM)

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